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The Pink Panther paper Collage & the missing Ice T

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The Pink Panther paper Collage & the missing Ice T

Hand signed on back With a Certificate of Authenticity Collage of peaces of paper's magazines on canvas with acrylic paint + varnish finish

Although Morgan’s latest work is of a more manual kind, photography remains a strong influence. From his father, an avid photographer himself, he once received an extensive collection of affiche/poster collected from the street. At about the same time, at his parent’s place, he dug up a paper craft project which he could vividly remember cutting out, painting, and braiding himself as a child. Both events combined in his mind somehow, and a new idea was born. Cutting out strips of paper from the magazines, he weaved them together, using images as warp

Morgan Paslier Copyright © All rights reserved.
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